Guardians of Eternity

Sexy vampires, plus a few drool-worthy werewolves, who are committed to protecting the world from a growing darkness

About the Guardians of Eternity

My Guardians of Eternity were inspired by my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was fascinated by the combination of action, comedy, and romance. And just as important to me was the friendships that developed between the characters. I was inspired to try and capture the same magic in my stories.

Each Guardian book is a separate love story filled with sexy vampires, plus a few drool-worthy werewolves, who are committed to protecting the world from a growing darkness. Along the way they each discover their mate, who are kick-ass women who bring their own special abilities to fight against evil. Oh, and there’s a stunted gargoyle with fairy wings and a big attitude named Levet. He can be counted on to bring lots of mayhem and humor to each book.

Reader Questions

Character Profiles

When Darkness Comes


Abby is a slender woman with honey curls and startling blue eyes. She’s survivor who endured child abuse, poverty, and now the realization that she’s been taken over by the spirit of an ancient goddess. Of course, it’s not all bad. She’s also permanently bonded to Dante, a drop-dead sexy vampire who makes her tingle in all the right places.

Romantic Connection: Abby

Story: When Darkness Comes, Book 1


With his long dark hair and shimmering silver eyes, Dante is a wickedly charming vampire who walks through the world with the swagger of a pirate. He’s impulsive, loyal, and fearless. Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice for 341 years. A chore he once detested. Until Abby.

Romantic Connection: Abby

Story: When Darkness Comes, Book 1

Embrace the Darkness


Shay is a rare Shalott demon. Her blood is an aphrodisiac to vampires, while her long raven hair and slanted golden eyes, lures them with her beauty. But she’s no easy prey. She has the power and cunning to kill even the strongest demon. She also has a secret weapon. A three-foot gargoyle named Levet who’s sworn to protect her, whether she wants his help or not.

Romantic Connection: Viper

Story: Embrace the Darkness, Book 2


Viper considers himself a scholar and gentleman despite the fact he’s a clan chief of Chicago and controls a number of demon clubs that cater to a vampire’s every desire. He’s hauntingly beautiful, but anyone stupid enough to underestimate his lethal power might as well dig their own grave.

Romantic Connection: Shay

Story: Embrace the Darkness, Book 2

Darkness Everlasting


Darcy, a waitress with short, spiky blonde hair and big green eyes, always knew she’s different, but she had no idea that she is a pureblooded Were that’d been created in the hopes that she, or one of her three sisters, could return the magic to her people. Then her humdrum life is turned upside down when she’s pursued by both the handsome King of Weres, along with stunning King of Vampires. Now her life is anything but boring.

Romantic Connection: Styx

Story: Darkness Everlasting, Book 3


Styx is a massive male with the features of his Aztec ancestors. He’s also the current Anasso, the king of vampires. A thankless position that he never wanted. Taking care of the unruly vampires is one headache after another. The last thing he needs is a beautiful werewolf to add even more complications to his life.

Romantic Connection: Darcy

Story: Darkness Everlasting, Book 3

Darkness Revealed


Anna is a lovely woman with honey hair and hazel eyes, but she does her best to remain in the background. She has no idea why she’s stopped aging and seemingly destined to live forever. Not until the man who seduced her two centuries ago reappears. He’s just as sexy, and just as dangerous as ever. He’s also the only one who can offer her the answers she needs.

Romantic Connection: Conde Cezar

Story: Darkness Revealed, Book 4

Conde Cezar

Conde Cezar adores women and with his elegantly handsome features, and dark, smoldering eyes he’s irresistible to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, his chance encounter with the lovely Anna cost him two centuries of penance with the Oracles. You would think he would have learned his lesson, but when he sees Anna again, he discovers his fascination with her is just as overwhelming as ever.

Romantic Connection: Anna

Story: Darkness Revealed, Book 4

Darkness Unleashed


Jagr was once a goth warrior, now he’s the head of Styx’s Ravens. He’s more savage than sophisticated with golden hair and pale blue eyes and scars on both the outside and inside. He’s also utterly loyal to his king, so when he’s asked to hunt down the pureblooded Were female for Styx’s mate, what choice does he have? He had no idea she would stir the emotions he thought had died centuries ago.

Romantic Connection: Regan

Story: Darkness Unleashed, Book 5


Regan, the blonde hair, green eyed Were, has no interest in men, not even a large, broodily sexy vampire. But she’s willing to use his considerable power to claim her revenge on those who held her prisoner. At least, that’s what she tells herself. A convenient excuse to keep the gorgeous male at her side, and in her bed.

Romantic Connection: Jagr

Story: Darkness Unleashed, Book 5

Beyond the Darkness


Harley, the third pureblooded Were created in Salvatore’s lab, has spent her life being taught not to trust werewolves, even if they are gorgeous, sexy creatures. But when she’s kidnapped by Salvatore, she discovers that she has no desire to escape. Instead she discovers that she has to do everything in her power to protect Salvatore before he’s forced to sacrifice his life to create a future for their people.

Romantic Connection: Salvatore Giulian

Story: Beyond the Darkness, Book 6

Salvatore Giulian

Salvatore Giuliani is the darkly handsome King of Werewolves. He’s an elegant wolf in sheep’s clothing who has come to America to keep his people from becoming extinct. He needs one of the four pureblooded females who were stolen from his lab in Rome to become his queen. But when he finally locates Harley, he realizes that his duty has just become his very great pleasure.

Romantic Connection: Harley

Story: Beyond the Darkness, Book 6

Devoured By Darkness


Tane possesses the beauty of his Polynesian ancestors. He’s a Charon, a lethal killer who hunts down rogue vampires. So when he’s forced to waste his talents chasing after a half human, half jinn he isn’t happy. At least it should be a quick retrieval. Go in, get the female, and get out. He has no idea that she has the ability to bind them together. And then it is far too late. He would use any reason to stay close to her.

Romantic Connection: Laylah

Story: Devoured By Darkness, Book 7


Laylah possesses the brilliant red hair and midnight eyes of the Jinn. She also possesses a secret that she must protect. The very fate of the world depends on her, which is the only reason she uses her powers to force Tane to help her. Deep in her heart, however, she wishes that he would see her as more than an unwelcome duty.

Romantic Connection: Tane

Story: Devoured By Darkness, Book 7

Bound By Darkness


The Sylvermyst, Ariyal, was once the favored sex-slave to Morgana Le Fay with his bronzed, metallic eyes and chestnut hair. He’s endured endless torture to protect his people, and now he’d be damned if he was going to be stopped by a vampire. Even if she is the most fascinating creature he’s ever encountered.

Romantic Connection: Jaelyn

Story: Bound By Darkness, Book 8


Jaelyn is an elite vampire warrior with glossy black hair and dark blue eyes. She’s furious when the Sylvermyst manages to capture her, but she must put her anger aside when she realizes that the Dark Lord is poised to break free from his prison. It wasn’t until it was too late, that she realized it wasn’t only the world that was in danger. Her heart had never been so vulnerable.

Romantic Connection: Ariyal

Story: Bound By Darkness, Book 8

Fear The Darkness


The one-time cur, Caine, is blessed with surfer good looks and the belief he’s destined to transform his people into full-blooded Weres. But destiny has other plans for him. He’s not only forced to return from the dead to become a pureblood, he’s discovered that becoming a savior to his people means protecting the beautiful seer who might very well hold the fate of the world in her tiny hand.

Romantic Connection: Cassandra

Story: Fear The Darkness, Book 9


Cassandra is the last of the four identical Weres, but she’s been raised in the caves of a demon lord with little contact with the outside world. And to top it off, she’s a true seer. A prophet. The rarest creature in all the world. She understands her destiny, but while she’s willing to sacrifice her own life, she realizes that she can’t bear the thought of losing Caine.

Romantic Connection: Caine

Story: Fear The Darkness, Book 9

Darkness Avenged


Santiago is as stubborn as he is gorgeous with his long dark hair and Spanish-dark eyes. He’s happily managed one of Viper’s numerous clubs until Styx demands that he track down his treacherous sire. Amazingly, he finds Nefri, a powerful vampire who left the world centuries ago, is there ahead of him. He’s instantly captivated by the reclusive female.

Romantic Connection: Nefri

Story: Darkness Avenged, Book 10


Nefri, a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty has lived in absolute peace for endless years. Now she feels as if she is suddenly vibrantly alive. Like Sleeping Beauty awakened by the kiss of her lover. But a new danger has entered the world. An ancient evil that she was sent to keep imprisoned behind the Veil. She can’t allow anything to distract. Not even her wayward heart.

Romantic Connection: Santiago

Story: Darkness Avenged, Book 10

Hunt the Darkness


Roke is blessed with the dark beauty of his Native American bloodlines as well as a rare ability to read glyphs. He’s also, unfortunately, magically mated to a Sally. Roke is determined to break the bond, even if it means a road-trip from hell. Or more precisely, a road trip to prevent hell from spilling through an open portal.

Romantic Connection: Sally

Story: Hunt the Darkness, Book 11


Sally is a pretty witch with deep red hair and big brown eyes. And she’s been keeping a secret. She’s a mongrel, born of a witch mother and demon father. A damned shame she doesn’t know what sort of demon her father happened to be or how she can undo the mating she’d accidentally triggered between her and Roke. Of course, there are worse things than spending an eternity with a gorgeous, sexy vampire.

Romantic Connection: Roke

Story: Hunt the Darkness, Book 11

When Darkness Ends


Now the clan chief of Ireland, Cyn was once an ancient berserker. At six-foot-three, he has a thick mane of dark blond and jade green eyes. He’s charming and sexy and a complete hedonist. He wanted to spend his evenings thoroughly enjoying life, not being sucked into a secret fairy dimension. Of course, things start to improve when he discovers he’s about to join forces with a gorgeous fairy princess.

Romantic Connection: Fallon

Story: When Darkness Ends, Book 12


Fallon has glorious hair the shades of a sunrise, eyes the color of rich amber flecked with emerald. She’s thrilled to be out of the magical land that her father created. At least until she discovers that they are dealing in Oracle business. That is surely madness. Still, if she has to go on a suicide mission, at least she has the pleasure of indulging her desires with Cyn before she faces certain death.

Romantic Connection: Cyn

Story: When Darkness Ends, Book 12

Darkness Returns


After his master disappeared five centuries ago, the vampire Chiron, is now the public face of the Rebels. He owns Dreamscape Resorts and Spas, a chain of hotels that cater to humans, along with Ulric, a pureblood Were who is his devoted companion. He has glossy, short black hair, finely sculpted face that’s a breath from beautiful, long and a lean-muscled body. He currently lives in Vegas.

Romantic Connection: Lilah

Story: Darkness Returns, Book 13


Lilah is the owner of a mysterious hotel that’s hidden in the Everglades. A demon with a mysterious past, she’s small, at least in stature with lush curves and a mass of untamed golden curls that contrast with the honey sheen of her skin. Her life is shrouded in secrecy, but Chiron’s arrival has stirred a desire to step out of the shadows.

Romantic Connection: Chiron

Story: Darkness Returns, Book 13

Beware the Darkness


Tarak was once a powerful vampire clan chief, but he joined forces with the previous Anasso, King of Vampires, only to be betrayed. He has strong barbarian features with smoldering, faintly slanted dark eyes and long ebony hair. Once he’s free of his prison, his only thought is revenge.

Romantic Connection: Waverly

Story: Beware the Darkness, Book 14


Waverly is a mermaid princess, who has sacrificed everything to safe her people. She has blonde hair with hints of blue that falls as smooth as silk down her back. Her wide eyes are the color of aquamarines and her skin appears as if it’d been dusted with the luminescent shimmer of a pearl. She’s forced to choose between loyalty to her people and the male who has stolen her heart.

Romantic Connection: Tarak

Story: Beware the Darkness, Book 14

Conquer the Darkness


Ulric is a full-blooded Were who was sold into slavery by marauding goblins centuries ago, only to be rescued by Chiron. He’s sworn his loyalty to the vampire, until his past arrives in Vegas with the promise that the family he thought was slaughtered has returned. He has golden eyes that glow with the power of his inner wolf, creamy skin, a bald head and he stands over six foot with the sort of wide, muscled body that was usually acquired by massive doses of steroids.

Romantic Connection: Rainn

Story: Conquer the Darkness, Book 15


Rainn is a rare zephyr sprite who arrived at Dreamscape hotel twenty years ago. She has her own reason for leaving her isolated clan, and for keeping close to the aggravating Ulric. She has slender curves and delicate features with glossy black hair. Her wide eyes are a misty gray and her skin is as soft and dewy as a peach. She’s exquisite, but her beauty hides a spine of steel and untold power.

Romantic Connection: Ulric

Story: Conquer the Darkness, Book 15

Sacrifice of Darkness


Terra is a Seraf, a rare nymph with healing powers. Long ago she’d been captured and forced to heal the warriors who fought in Vynom’s brutal demon clubs. She’s a slender, gentle nymph with honey curls and startling lavender eyes. She smells of aloe vera.

Romantic Connection: Javad

Story: Sacrifice of Darkness, Book 15.6


Javad is a vampire shrouded in mystery. The stylized tattoo on the side of his neck reveals that he’d been an assassin during his life as a human, and after he was turned he spent endless centuries as a champion in the savage fighting pits. No one knows why he walked away from his fame. Now he’s the manager of the Viper’s Nest in Vegas. He is tall and lean with glossy dark hair and features chiseled by the harsh desert.

Romantic Connection: Terra

Story: Sacrifice of Darkness, Book 15.6

Shades of Darkness


Basq had once been a member of Tarak’s clan, but he went into hiding to avoid having his rare ability to create complete darkness used in battle. He prefers to stay in the shadows, but no female is immune to his muscular body and pale, boldly carved features. His brown hair brushes his shoulders and the top layer is kept pulled back to reveal his astonishing eyes. They’re rimmed with a deep brown and progressively lightened to a pure white center. Eyes that you never forget.

Romantic Connection: Chaaya the Gatekeeper

Story: Shades of Darkness, Book 16

Chaaya the Gatekeeper

The daughter of a druid priestess, Chaaya was sacrificed when she was a young teenager. After endless centuries trapped in a literal hell she finally has the opportunity to live. And she’s not going to waste a single second. She has a perfect oval face with large dark eyes and a soft pink lips. Her dark hair is cut short, almost buzzed to the skull to reveal the Celtic tattoos that trail down the side of her neck. She wears leather pants and a matching leather jacket and never leaves home without her copper spear belted around her waist.

Romantic Connection: Basq

Story: Shades of Darkness, Book 16

Darkness Betrayed


A pureblood Were female cousin to Ulric, she sacrificed her family to achieve her own goals, becoming a conduit through which the ultimate evil reached Earth. Now she’s willing to redeem herself. Even if it costs her everything. She has a pale, oval face that’s framed by long hair that shimmers like crimson. Her features are bold, with a hint of sensuality in the curve of her lips and smoldering dark eyes.

Romantic Connection: Xi

Story: Darkness Betrayed, Book 17


Xi (vampire) is one of the Ravens, the elite warriors who protect the Anasso. He possesses the rare ability to mute his presence, making him a perfect spy. He has short black hair that’s shaved on the side to reveal the tattoos of two coiled snakes on his scalp. His eyes are dark and his finely carved features so perfect he doesn’t look real.

Romantic Connection: Bridgette

Story: Darkness Betrayed, Book 17

Slayed by Darkness


Jayla is a part of the Rebel clan who had been banished by the previous Anasso. She’s currently the manager of the Dreamscape Resort in Hong Kong. She’s small and delicate like a dew fairy. Her raven black hair is kept twisted into elaborate knots and held in place with jade ornaments. Her golden, oval face is dominated by her jade green eyes and the lush temptation of her ruby lips.

Romantic Connection: Azrael

Story: Slayed by Darkness, Book 17.5


Azrael is a badass vampire with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He's named for the Angel of Death and has a tattoo of wings that crawl up his back and the side of his neck. He’s been cursed by a fey creature and his soul is magically bound to a sword.

Romantic Connection: Jayla

Story: Slayed by Darkness, Book 17.5

Bewitch the Darkness


Locke is a vampire with a tortured past. After escaping his demented sire, he struggles to trust others. On the other hand, he’s utterly loyal to the rare few he allows into his life. He has dark gold hair that’s chopped at his shoulders and pale blue eyes rimmed with gold. His features are those of a Viking warrior.

Romantic Connection: Kyi

Story: Bewitch the Darkness, Book 18


Kyi has one goal in her life. To kill her mother before the evil witch can kill her. Simple and straightforward until Locke arrives to throw her plans into chaos. Kyi is a stunning nymph with raven black curls and eyes the color of aged whiskey. She looks like an exotic flower that bloomed beneath the silvery moonlight.

Romantic Connection: Locke

Story: Bewitch the Darkness, Book 18

Stalk the Darkness


Satin is a tall, bone-thin vampire who is stunningly gorgeous, with thick black hair that tumbles over her shoulders and a pale face dominated by brown eyes the precise shade of aged cognac. She possesses the power of a clan chief although she has no ambition to lead. She currently manages the Viper Pit in Chicago.

Romantic Connection: Marco

Story: Stalk the Darkness, Book 19


Marco is a pureblood Were and cousin to Salvatore, the King of Weres. He is as gorgeous as his cousin, with dark hair he keeps cut short and black eyes that are stunningly rimmed with gold. He’s also the owner of the Hunting Grounds. The demon world’s favorite new club.

Romantic Connection: Satin

Story: Stalk the Darkness, Book 19

Sate the Darkness


Sofie is a vampire with the specialized skill of ensnaring a demon’s mind and holding them captive. She’s a small female with short blond hair and blue eyes rimmed with silver. She has a crescent shaped scar surrounded by a circle in the center of her forehead. It’s a witch’s mark, carved there by her former master to warn demons of her powers

Romantic Connection: Ryshi

Story: Sate the Darkness, Book 20


Ryshi is a half jinn/half imp who possesses a stark, pagan beauty with long copper hair and liquid black eyes. He has the ability to turn into mist and is an accomplished thief that has been thrown into Styx’s dungeons. He is also the only creature who has ever managed to navigate his way through the minotaur labyrinth.

Romantic Connection: Sofie

Story: Sate the Darkness, Book 20