Sate the Darkness

Book 20 in Guardians of Eternity

In New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy’s mesmerizing new romance, two outcasts are drawn into a dangerous rescue mission—and into the heart of desire . . .

Ryshi—half-jinn, half-imp—is the only male who has ever managed to slip through the minotaur labyrinth and lived to tell the tale. He wasn’t so lucky when it came to stealing prized vampire artifacts. Caught and imprisoned, he now has a chance at freedom if he can rescue the gargoyle Levet from that same labyrinth. But he’ll have a minder on his mission in the petite, enticing form of Sofie, the vampire he’s been fantasizing about for a very long time . . .

Sofie is shunned and feared for her ability to control others’ minds. She didn’t ask for that gift, and she certainly doesn’t want to use those powers to control this gorgeous, sensual demon. Too bad a request from the Anasso isn’t up for debate. To rescue the gargoyle, she and Ryshi have to work closely together, and Sofie is compelled to lower her defenses around him in every way—though she expects him to disappear the moment their task is complete. But now that Ryshi has glimpsed what his future could be with Sofie, he’s ready to fight for her trust, even against the darkness within . . .

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Guardians of Eternity, Book 20

Characters: Sofie Ryshi

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Levet tried to ignore the whispers of the fairies as he pushed his way through the thick underbrush. They were no doubt admiring his large, gossamer wings that sparkled in the moonlight, he told himself. Or perhaps the muscular perfection of his stout body. He might be small for a gargoyle—okay, maybe more than small. He was only three feet tall, still he was hard in all the right places. Plus his gray, lumpy features were sheer perfection.

No wait. He snapped his fingers. They’d no doubt heard the rumors of his most recent battle against evil. As a knight in shining armor, he was often called upon to save the world. Being a hero meant he was constantly recognized by the lesser creatures.

Never slowing, Levet continued to ignore the whispers. At the moment, he didn’t have time for his flock of admirers. He’d spent the past week attempting to track down Troy, the Prince of Imps, who’d mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully tonight he’d decided to check out the Hunting Grounds, the exclusive demon club outside of Chicago that belonged to Marco, a pureblooded Were. That’s where he’d finally caught the scent of the imp.

Reaching the front door of the cabin that was built on the fringe of the private club, he banged his fist against the smooth wood.

“’Allo? Troy?”

Levet could hear the muffled sound from inside. It sounded like curses. Then a voice called out.

“Troy isn’t here.”

Levet scowled, sniffing the night air. The rich scent of exotic fruit swirled through the breeze. “I can smell you.”

There was more cursing before the door was wrenched open to reveal Troy. The flamboyant imp was absurdly large with the sort of muscles only an orc should possess. He had long hair that shimmered like a river of fire as it tumbled down his back and brilliant green eyes. Currently he was attired in a black lace shirt that clung to his broad chest and white satin pants with fringes on the side.

He was like a rare, glamorous flower who could lure others into his sensual snare.

Tonight, he didn’t appear to be in the mood to ensnare anyone or anything. There was a peevish expression on his pale face and a sharp-edged impatience in his voice.

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February 7, 2023

Guardians of Eternity



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Sate the Darkness

Guardians of Eternity, Book 20

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