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  • Conquer the Darkness is Now Available!

    Conquer the Darkness is book 15 in the Guardians of Eternity series, and it’s finally here! Get started with chapter one, and then get your copy now in print, digital, and audio formats. This one is guaranteed to heat up your chilly nights—Enjoy!

    Posted: December 10, 2019

  • Sacrifice of Darkness Preorder Alert!

    Eager for more Guardians? Can the mysterious vampire Javad and the elusive fey creature Terra escape the nightmare that nearly destroyed them in the past?

    I’m excited to announce that I have a new Guardian novella that will be released in the 1001 Dark Nights series. Sacrifice of Darkness will be headed your way on June 30. Pre-order your copy today!

    Posted: December 7, 2019

  • Conquer the Darkness Amazon Best Book

    Great news! Conquer the Darkness  has been chosen by Amazon as a best book for December!

    As allegiances shift and new powers align for Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity, one immortal defender knows the sweep of change brings danger—and possibility…

    Have you picked up your copy? Buy here or read an excerpt

    Posted: December 3, 2019

  • Guardians Flash Sale!

    If you enjoy sexy vampires and drool-worthy werewolves committed to protecting the world from a growing darkness, then this sale is for you.

    Several of my Guardians of Eternity ebooks are on a flash sale at Amazon – LIMITED TIME ONLY! So hurry and order your books before the sale ends!

    Posted: November 26, 2019

  • Sale Alert!

    Start the bestselling Agency series with Pretend You’re Safe  for only $1.99!

    First came the floods. Then came the bodies. The victims—strangled, then buried along the shores of the Mississippi—have finally been unearthed, years after they disappeared. He remembers every satisfying kill… each woman’s terror and agony. But there’s only one he truly wanted. And fate has brought her within reach again…

    Jaci Patterson was sixteen when she found the first golden locket on her porch. Inside were a few strands of hair wrapped around a scrap of bloodstained ribbon. Though the “gifts” kept arriving, no one believed her hunch that a serial killer was at work. Now Jaci has returned home… and the nightmare is starting once more.

    Back then, Rylan Cooper was an arrogant deputy sheriff convinced that Jaci was just an attention-seeking teen. It was a fatal mistake. There’s a murderer in their midst, someone determined to settle old scores and keep playing a twisted game. And it won’t end until Jaci is his forever…

    Posted: November 23, 2019

  • Goodreads Giveaway!

    Update: This giveaway has ended. Make sure you are subscribed to Alexandra’s site news to be notified of future giveaways.

    Enter for your chance to win a print copy of Alexandra’s next book, Conquer the Darkness (book 15 in the Guardians of Eternity series). Hurry, the giveaway ends on October 23.

    Enter the Goodreads Giveaway here

    Posted: October 18, 2019

  • Cover Reveal: Conquer the Darkness

    I am pleased to share the bright new cover for Conquer the Darkness, book 15 in the Guardians of Eternity series. Due out on December 10, it will definitely light up your winter!

    Check out the excerpt, then pre-order your copy so you can keep reading when the e-book is released. In the meantime, if you are in the mood for other paranormal romance, I’ve many more to choose from!

    Posted: August 30, 2019

  • Beware!

    Heat up your summer even more with sexy vampire Tarak and beautiful mermaid Waverly! Beware the Darkness, book 14 in the Guardians of Eternity series and an Amazon’s Best Romance pick, is now available in e-book, print, and audio. Read or listen to an excerpt then order your copy today!

    Are you a fan of paranormal romance? There are many more to choose from.

    Posted: August 20, 2019

  • UK Readers: Get Pretend You’re Safe for Free Digitally

    Happy Monday! For my UK readers: my chilling thriller Pretend You’re Safe is this week’s Apple Books UK Free Book of the Week!

    If you haven’t already read it, now is the perfect chance! Don’t miss it from your favorite retailers.


    Posted: August 19, 2019

  • Beware the Darkness an Amazon Best Book!

    “The enemy may have changed, but the battle between good and evil burns hotter than ever in this scintillating new installment in Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series.”

    Beware the Darkness is one of this month’s Best Romance from Amazon Books! Check out the excerpt and pre-order your copy today!

    Posted: August 9, 2019