The Agency

A series full of chilling suspense and unforgettable twists.

About the The Agency

Each story is a stand alone and offers electrifying thrills, complex characters, and taut pacing that’s certain to captivate readers of romantic suspense and crossover female thriller readers.

“Alexandra Ivy gives readers a nice balance of romance and suspense in her fast-paced, well-plotted novels.” —Kat Martin, New York Times bestselling author

Character Profiles

Pretend You’re Safe

Jaci Patterson

She isn’t the typical girl-next-door. Since taking over her grandparents’ farm she survives by baking and selling crafts, refusing to depend on anyone. Years ago, she’d been the target of a serial killer, but no one believed her. Now the killer is back, but she’s no longer a victim. This time she intends to expose her stalker.

Romantic Connection: Rylan Cooper

Story: Pretend You’re Safe, Book 1

Rylan Cooper

Leaving the midwest, he heads to California to create a successful business that provides facial tracking and security systems. His research has taught him to think like a criminal. Which is exactly what he needs to protect Jaci.

Romantic Connection: Jaci Patterson

Story: Pretend You’re Safe, Book 1

What Are You Afraid Of?

Griffin Archer

A gorgeous nerd who develops software for law enforcement, his skills are perfectly suited to tracking down the psycho sending Carmen trophies of his kills.

Romantic Connection: Carmen Jacobs

Story: What Are You Afraid Of?, Book 2

Carmen Jacobs

She interviewed the world’s most terrifying serial killers for her bestselling book, The Heart of a Predator. The police might not believe her, but she knows there’s a monster out there, paying homage to other murderers.

Romantic Connection: Griffin Archer

Story: What Are You Afraid Of?, Book 2

You Will Suffer

Ellie Guthrie

She is determined to ignore her judge father’s prestigious connections and open her own law firm in Curry. But something strange is going on and she’s at the center of the danger.

Romantic Connection: Nate Marcel

Story: You Will Suffer, Book 3

Nate Marcel

A former FBI agent trained to protect others, he’s now a rancher. But when the bodies begin turning up—Nate is determined to keep Ellie from harm.

Romantic Connection: Ellie Guthrie

Story: You Will Suffer, Book 3

The Intended Victim

Ash Marcel

Once a rising star in the Chicago PD. He left after Remi pushed him away, now someone is targeting women who look just like Remi. With or without a badge, Ash intends to unmask the Butcher.

Romantic Connection: Remi Walsh

Story: The Intended Victim, Book 4

Remi Walsh

She escaped a serial killer five years ago, but her father died trying to save her. Now the killer is back and determined to make Remi pay for being the one to survive.

Romantic Connection: Ash Marcel

Story: The Intended Victim, Book 4

Echoes From the Past

Melanie Cassidy

Melanie Cassidy accepted that her relationship with Gray was never meant to be. But when one of her students from the Hummingbird Youth Center becomes a pawn in a dangerous game, she is forced to put aside her wounded pride and accept Gray’s help to survive. But can she survive another broken heart?

Romantic Connection: Gray Hawkins

Story: Echoes From the Past, Book 4.6

Gray Hawkins

Gray Hawkins fled Seattle years ago, determined to put his brother’s betrayal behind him. But when the Seattle Police Department ask him to go undercover to stop a desperate criminal, he agrees to come home. The last thing he expected was to become protector to Melanie Cassidy and her young student. He’d walked away from Mel, destroying any hope of a future together. Now he’s determined to learn from his mistakes.

Romantic Connection: Melanie Cassidy

Story: Echoes From the Past, Book 4.6