Coming July 23, 2024

Ancient Magic

Book 2 in the Magic For Hire series.

Genre: Paranormal

Return to bestselling author Alexandra Ivy’s new Magic for Hire series, where the witches of a small New Jersey bookstore discover a secret dormant for centuries—and one woman unlocks the passion of a solitary heart . . .

The Vampire Cabal meets only under the direst circumstances. But since Skye Claremont’s coven proved wild magic has returned, the cabal has gathered in New York City to decide the fate of the powerful mages.

Skye doubts her oracular powers can help. After ten years indentured to a demon gang, paying off her father’s gambling debts with visions, her freedom has come despite her weak abilities, not because of them. But when her father sends a text to demand a meeting, she doesn’t need to read the future to know trouble will follow.

The demons want her to kidnap Micha, the reclusive, fearsome leader of the New Orleans vampire cabal. As if a low-voltage witch like her could succeed. But when Skye looks into Micha’s eyes, she sees certain doom if she doesn’t take him to their stronghold after all. Spellbound more by beauty and intrigue than magic, the vampire follows her into the dark of a demon cell. When the door slams behind them, they’ll have to unravel the tangled threads of prophecy and politics that make the way forward immeasurably dangerous. But it’s desire that could undo them both . . .

Coming February 25, 2025

Eternal Magic

Book 3 in the Magic For Hire series.

Genre: Paranormal

Bestselling author Alexandra Ivy returns to her bestselling Magic for Hire series, where the witches of a small New Jersey bookstore go up against a subtle and gruesome evil—and one woman changes her destiny forever…

Maya Rosen has plenty of experience with vampires, demons, and danger. She wears the scars that prove it. But she established Witch’s Brew, her bookshop and mage’s office, as a cozy place of safety and protection. When the brutally handsome vampire Ravyr appears, decades after she thought he died in the ruins of her master’s lair, Maya is prepared for a fight. Until he saves her life instead—and they realize they have an enemy in common.

Hunting down violent goblins, treacherous mages, and drug-dealing aristocrats with Ravyr isn’t enough to make Maya trust him. She’s been betrayed before, and she knows the vampire isn’t telling her everything. But the attraction between them grows, even as their chase brings them closer to a terrifying possibility. Maya knows desire is its own magic. And with horrors from the past lying in wait, they’ll need all the power they can tame…