Pike, Wisconsin

In this quiet town, a monster stalks and kills...

About the Pike, Wisconsin

The citizens of Pike, Wisconsin are accustomed to a quiet, sleepy town where nothing happens. Doors are left unlocked and neighbors are always welcome. The peace, however, is shattered when a monster arrives with the snowfall, hunting the unwary and creating terror. Suddenly the small town doesn’t feel so innocent and the people begin to eye one another with suspicion.

Death walks the streets and nothing will never be the same…

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Character Profiles

Don’t Look

Kir Jansen

Son of the town’s late sheriff. He fled Pike and the knowledge his father is drinking himself into a grave. But when his father dies, he realizes the older man’s frantic calls about a serial killer were real and Lynne is in danger. He will risk everything to protect her.

Romantic Connection: Dr. Lynne Gale

Story: Don’t Look, Book 1

Dr. Lynne Gale

The girl-next-door who always intended to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a vet in the small town of Pike, Wisconsin. But, while she adores her job, a part of her knows that something is missing from her life.

Romantic Connection: Kir Jansen

Story: Don’t Look, Book 1


Noah Hunter

He has tried to convince himself that Wynter is just a friend since the day they met in grief counseling as teenagers. But now that she’s in danger, that denial is over. Someone intends to keep the past buried, even if it means putting Wynter in a grave. He has to stop the killer before he loses the only woman he’s ever loved.

Romantic Connection: Wynter Moore

Story: Faceless, Book 2

Wynter Moore

She was just four years-old when she witnessed the murder of her mother. For the past twenty-five years she’s tried to blunt the trauma by concentrating on her restaurant the Wynter Garden. She never expected that a trip to visit her mother’s grave would open Pandora’s box of dark revelations and suspects. Or that her own life would be in danger.

Romantic Connection: Noah Hunter

Story: Faceless, Book 2


Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher possesses a single-minded determination to concentrate on her career in law enforcement. Partially as a result of the tragedy she suffered in her childhood, but largely because she has a genuine talent for cold case investigations. Unfortunately, her ambition had come at the cost of her marriage. This time, however, her return to Pike is on her own terms, and she discovers that some things never change. Including her fascination with Zac Evans.

Romantic Connection: Zac Evans

Story: Unstable, Book 3

Zac Evans

Zac Evans walked away from his marriage to Rachel when he was forced to return to the family farm in Pike, Wisconsin. It was a decision he’s regretted for the past eight years. Now he’s taken over as sheriff of Pike and a killer is repeating the murders of the past. He’s going to need the specialized talents that his ex-wife possesses in cold cases. They have to find a way to work together to stop the madman who has turned his sick obsession toward Rachel.

Romantic Connection: Rachel Fisher

Story: Unstable, Book 3

Desperate Acts

Kaden Vaughn

Kaden Vaughn left his home in Madison, WI the day after he graduated high school, traveling to Hollywood to become a world famous stunt driver. He swore he would never return. But when a skeleton is found, he races to Pike to learn if it’s his dead brother’s missing fiancé. He’s determined to learn the truth of what happened to her. He never expected to end up in the middle of a real-life murder mystery, or to risk his life protecting the woman who’d stolen his heart.

Romantic Connection: Lia Porter

Story: Desperate Acts, Book 4

Lia Porter

Lia Porter was just a teenager when she witnessed a stranger jumping off a bridge in the middle of the night. Fifteen years later a skeleton is found and Lia realizes that she’d witnessed a murder all those years ago. Now she has to discover what happened that fateful night. Before the killer who’s getting rid of the witnesses one by one decides it’s her turn to die.

Romantic Connection: Kaden Vaughn

Story: Desperate Acts, Book 4


Ian Sullivan

Detective Ian Sullivan is eager to see Tessa again. They had one spectacular night together before she disappeared. Now that she’s back he intends to do everything in his power to convince her to stay. First, however, he must make sure that the evil from the past doesn’t rise up and destroy both of them.

Romantic Connection: Tessa Ralston

Story: Peril, Book 4.5

Tessa Ralston

Tessa Ralston fled Denver after her partner, Colt, was shot in front of her. She blames herself for his death, so when the opportunity arises to avenge his death, she returns to Denver…and the man who she never forgot.

Romantic Connection: Ian Sullivan

Story: Peril, Book 4.5

The Murder Club

Bailey Evans

Nothing exciting has ever happened to Bailey Evans. Not until she joins the online Murder Club and discovers she has a talent for spotting clues. Unfortunately her life swiftly spirals from boring to downright terrifying as a stalker forces her to play a new game of murder. Accepting the help of the gorgeous, deliciously sexy Dom Lucier, she must use every ounce of her skills to unmask the killer before it's the end of the game.

Romantic Connection: Dom Lucier

Story: The Murder Club, Book 5

Dom Lucier

Dom Lucier immigrated to America when he was just sixteen years old. Now he's a wealthy businessman living his best life in Vegas. He's perfectly content until he meets Bailey at his friend Kaden Vaughn's wedding and discovers that love at first sight isn't a fairytale. He'll do anything to win her heart, including traveling to Pike, Wisconsin and facing down a killer who is willing to murder to claim Bailey as his own.

Romantic Connection: Bailey Evans

Story: The Murder Club, Book 5