Magic For Hire

Leave it to a Jersey girl to change ancient history . . .

About the Magic For Hire

Three powerful mages—Peri Sanguis, Skye Claremont, and Maya Rosen—run the Witch’s Brew, a combo coffeehouse/bookstore/magic-for-hire business in Linden, New Jersey. A shop where you can buy a yummy blueberry muffin, read a book, and sign a contract to curse your worst enemy. Truly one-stop shopping.

Once upon a time demons reigned. That was before they were forced to retreat to the shadows. Today, in hidden corners across the globe their evil blood still pools, and the authority of their new rulers—the Vampire Cabal—must never be challenged. Leave it to a Jersey girl to change ancient history . . .

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Character Profiles

Wild Magic

Peri Sanguis

This Jersey girl just wants to enjoy her life without complications. Instead she’s forced to battle a mysterious evil that is threatening to destroy the world, deal with rival intent on proving she’s the better mage, while trying to ignore a sexy vampire who wants more than a good time.

Romantic Connection: Valen

Story: Wild Magic, Book 1


A powerful member of the Vampire Cabal, Valen has spent the past two thousand years as the uncontested ruler of the local demons. He never expected his life to be thrown into chaos by a reckless, smart-ass mage who stole his unbeating heart with a smile. Life has never been more thrilling.

Romantic Connection: Peri Sanguis

Story: Wild Magic, Book 1

Ancient Magic

Skye Claremont

Blessed—or perhaps cursed—with the ancient gift of the oracles, she spent her life imprisoned by demons and forced to use her powers against her will. It wasn’t until she escaped and discovered a home at the Witch’s Brew that she felt safe. Then her treacherous father arrives in New Jersey and she’s forced to risk that sense security to protect, Micha, the glorious vampire who has claimed her heart.

Romantic Connection: Micha

Story: Ancient Magic, Book 2


Micha has happily spent the majority of his existence in seclusion, preferring his books to his fellow vampires. But when he’s called to New York, he has no choice but to travel away from his lair, and straight into a trap devised by a mysterious enemy. The last thing he expects is to discover the mate he never wanted, and now can’t survive without. He’ll sacrifice anything and anyone to keep her safe.

Romantic Connection: Skye Claremont

Story: Ancient Magic, Book 2

Eternal Magic

Maya Rosen

Maya Rosen is a mage with a scarred history that matches her scarred face. The owner of the WITCH’S BREW coffeeshop, she survived the brutal captivity of a Cabal leader who abused her for decades. How she escaped is a secret that can never be revealed. The past has honed her magic to impressive depths, creating a natural born leader who refuses to submit ever again.

Romantic Connection: Ravyr

Story: Eternal Magic, Book 3


Ravyr is a ruthlessly gorgeous vampire with a raw animal magnetism. He pledged his loyalty to the leader of the Cabal, forcing him to walk away from Maya when she needed him the most. Now she’s back in his life and this time Ravyr swears to do whatever necessary to protect her.

Romantic Connection: Maya Rosen

Story: Eternal Magic, Book 3