Conquer the Darkness

Book 15 in Guardians of Eternity

As allegiances shift and new powers align for Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity, one immortal defender knows the sweep of change brings danger—and possibility . . .

On the edge of the Mojave desert, out of the lights of Las Vegas, even a werewolf can expect a share of peace and solitude. For Ulric, the last surviving member of a pack hunted through centuries, it’s one of few places he’s willing to drop his guard. Until he spots Brigette, a beautiful wolf-woman he thought dead long ago. When he gives chase, he loses her—and discovers he’s being followed himself.

His pursuer is a zephyr sprite, Rainn, on the trail of a frightening prophecy she can’t predict or understand. All she knows is that Ulric is at its center. If he’s determined to find Brigette, she’ll do what she must to keep him with her.

When the search leads them to a place where Ulric’s ghosts and Rainn’s portents intertwine, a lurking evil waits to swallow them both. But as they fight for survival, their need for each other will become impossible to deny . . .

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Guardians of Eternity, Book 15

Characters: Ulric Rainn

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Mojave Desert

Ulric released a howl of sheer pleasure as he loped through the vast darkness. It’d been far too long since he’d had the luxury of leaving the glittering lights of Vegas to run across the desert. This week, thank the goddess, Chiron had returned to his elegant casino on the Strip.

That meant Ulric could finally shift into his wolf form and lose himself in the wild pleasures of the night. He ran, he hunted, he terrified a group of campers and bayed at the moon until his throat was raw.

All in all, a perfect night.

Dawn was nearing when he halted at the edge of the desert. Tilting back his head, he released a pulse of magic. A shudder raced through him before a shimmer surrounded his body. The thick, midnight black fur disappeared, and his elongated muzzle started to shrink. In the space of a heartbeat he’d gone from a massive wolf to his human form.

Bathed in moonlight, he stood over six foot with the wide, muscled body that came from his long runs while in his wolf form. He also had the rabid temper of his animal, and the willingness to use violence when necessary. His skin was the creamy color of cappuccino and his eyes were golden and smoldered with an unmistakable power.

Running his hands over his smoothly shaved head, he wiped away the layer of sweat. The February air was cool, but he’d expended a considerable amount of energy during the night. Plus shifting always made him hot.

In a good, shivery way.

Primitive magic was always the best magic.

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Conquer the Darkness

Guardians of Eternity, Book 15

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