Raphael: Bayou Bites

Book 16 in Bayou Heat

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Short Stories
Bayou Bites

Raphael has been working nonstop, Ashe has been feeling disconnected and unappreciated, and their daughter has run off again into the Wildlands.

As Raph and Ashe search for their rebellious cub under the light of the bayou’s purple moon, they find themselves once again, and the erotic heat they’ve both been craving.

Disclaimer: All Bayou Bites are short novellas, under 10k words.

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Bayou Heat, Book 16

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I slide through the thick foliage. I am death.




I reach the edge of a shallow river. I step into a pool of silvery moonlight, allowing it to shimmer against the droplets of dew that cling to my tawny fur. For a moment I stand still, savoring the primitive beat that pulses through the Wildlands. It sings to me, stirring my blood.

The hunt is on…

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Alexandra Ivy (self pub)

May 29, 2020

Bayou Heat



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Raphael: Bayou Bites

Bayou Heat, Book 16

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