The romance is hot, and the danger is extreme as the Sentinels battle to keep their people safe and find their place.

About the Sentinels

I like to think of my Sentinel series as the X-Men, only sexier. The Sentinels are a group of men and women who are born with mutant powers. Together they join forces to combat prejudices from the ‘norms’ as well as working together to keep mutants who possess dangerous powers secluded from the world. The romances are hot, and the danger is extreme as they battle to keep their people safe, and to find a place in society where they are accepted, no matter what their differences.

10 Facts About the Sentinels

  1. High-bloods were once worshipped as gods.
  2. Most high-bloods live in a sprawling compound in the Midwest called Valhalla.
  3. The necromancers can read the last thoughts of a dead person to help solve murders.
  4. There are two types of Sentinels: The hunters, who are used to track down high-bloods who are a danger to themselves or others. And guardians, who are covered with tattoos that protect them from magic and mind control. They’re used to protect high-bloods who must travel among humans.
  5. The Brotherhood are a group of humans who’ve sworn to destroy the high-bloods since the days of Sumerians.
  6. The Sentinels have a core temperature hotter than mere humans.  Which means that they’re literally smoking-hot in bed.
  7. Psychics can implant thoughts into other people’s minds. Don’t make them mad or they will give you nightmares that can drive you crazy.
  8. The Sentinels are trained by warrior monks.
  9. Assassins are Sentinels who are trained to hunt down their enemies and kill them in silence. If you ever see one, then it’s too late. You’re about to die.
  10. A witch has a mark on their body. The darker the color of the mark, the more powerful the magic.

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