One Down

Book 1 in PSL Pantera Security League

His mission was to find and retrieve the female kept as a sex slave by their enemy’s henchman…

Cerviel is trained not to feel and not to get attached. But when he sees the female naked and bruised inside the cage, every instinct he’s forced down, surges to the surface.  Like him, the female is broken and alone in the world. But if he gives in to his raw, possessive nature, his cover will be blown, and with it everyone he protects.

Now that he’s found her, he can’t let her go…

Five years ago, Hallie was taken from her family, both parents murdered before her eyes. Long ago, she had been given Pantera blood, and her power was undeniable – especially to the ones who want to use her. Free now, she must go to the Wildlands, a place she knows nothing about for a mystery no one will reveal. Can she put her trust in the male who rescued her? Because he already had her heart.

Genre: Paranormal

Series: PSL Pantera Security League, Book 1

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The golden puma slid through the purple shadows at the edge of the Wildlands.  The large, lethally dangerous animal moved with the liquid grace of a predator, his eyes cat-gold and his big paws barely making a mark on the mossy ground.

Striker’s lips twisted.  He’d arrived early to enjoy a long run through the bayous.  He’d been away from home for months and his cat had been in dire need of a dose of the magic that allowed his people to shift from human to puma.

As a part of the diplomatic faction of the Pantera, he’d devoted the past months to trying to infiltrate Christopher Benson’s vast business empire.  He’d fiercely hoped for an opportunity to kill the bastard.  Unfortunately, the human male who’d been responsible for capturing Pantera and using them as lab rats in his sick experimentations had apparently gone into hiding.  No one, not even his own people, had a clue where he was hiding.

That didn’t mean he hadn’t been pissed when he’d received Rafael’s text ordering him to return to the Wildlands.

He’d been undercover in New Orleans, earning the trust of several stockholders that’d invested in Benson Enterprises.  He was certain that with just a little more time he’d manage to find someone who could tell him where to find Christopher.

Instead he’d jumped in his car and driven at the speed of light to discover why Raphael needed him.  It wasn’t just because he was a loyal Pantera.  It was because he was a part of the Pantera Security League.

The group of six specialized warriors took on the top-secret jobs that the various faction leaders needed handled with utmost discretion.

Now he watched as there was a shimmer of power around the approaching puma and the animal shifted into a tall human male with equally golden hair and jade eyes that glowed with the heat of his inner cat.  Raphael, the current head-honcho of the Suits, and all around badass.

Striker, on the other hand was a lean man with bronzed skin and dark eyes.  His black hair was left long and currently pulled into a queue at his nape.  His features were finely chiseled and he currently sported a neatly trimmed goatee.  He preferred cunning to brute strength.

He folded his arms over his chest.  He was still wearing the expensive Armani suit that he’d been wearing when he’d left New Orleans.

“You flashed the bat signal?” he drawled.

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August 29, 2016

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One Down

PSL Pantera Security League, Book 1

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