Seduce Me By Christmas

Book 3 in Illegitimate Bachelor

Even a rogue can believe in miracles. . .

Raoul Charlebois is nothing if not notorious. He’s abandoned his wild life to search out answers to his dark past, but that doesn’t stop his reputation as a rake from following him wherever he goes. In this case, it follows him to the door of a gamekeeper’s cottage, where beautiful, optimistic, innocent Sarah Jefferson resides. In all his exploits, he’s never met a woman like her. . .and that makes her all the more tempting. . .

At first, Sarah will have no part in whatever the devastatingly handsome visitor wants at the estate. . .until she realizes what he wants is her. For as the snow falls down around them, she finds that the intoxicating scent of evergreen boughs can prove incredibly seductive. And maybe there is some glimmer of good in Raoul hiding deep within. After all, Christmas has a way of bringing lost souls together. . .

Genre: Historical

Series: Illegitimate Bachelor, Book 3

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November 10, 2014

Illegitimate Bachelor



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Seduce Me By Christmas

Illegitimate Bachelor, Book 3

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