Bedding The Baron

Book 1 in Illegitimate Bachelor

Dear Reader,

Long before I started writing paranormal romance, I wrote historical romance novels as Deborah Raleigh. Now I’m thrilled to share my favorites with a whole new readership, including this first book in a trilogy about three heroes, men united by friendship, a mysterious legacy, and a talent for seduction.

When Fredrick Smith embarks on a search for the truth about his errant father, he is immersed in the past. But when he meets alluring Mrs. Portia Walker, the future, and her surrender, cannot come quickly enough. If only Fredrick can melt her fiercely independent, icy reserve. He cannot know Portia has sworn no man will control her destiny ever again. Yet vows are no match for a desire that could be the most exquisite bliss.

I hope you enjoy reading these sensual, romantic tales as much as I enjoyed writing them!

With love,
Alexandra Ivy

Genre: Historical

Series: Illegitimate Bachelor, Book 1

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The townhouse tucked in Lombard Street was a perfectly respectable brick structure, with a perfectly respectable garden, in a perfectly respectable neighborhood. It was remarkable only for the fact that it managed to meld so easily into its surroundings as to be nearly invisible.

The owner, Mr. Dunnington, was equally successful in blending into his surroundings. Even his most intimate acquaintances would admit they knew little of the gentleman. Nothing beyond the fact that he had once been a tutor who had come into a small inheritance and after buying the townhouse had converted it into an exclusive school for boys of superior, if not precisely legitimate, birth.

Bastards, some would call them, but with enough money from their fathers to ensure that they received a proper education and the ability to establish decent careers.

Beyond his obvious skill at teaching, Mr. Dunnington, however, remained an intriguing mystery. Of course, there was no one who could have suspected just how mysterious he would prove to be. Certainly not the three gentlemen currently seated in the library of the townhouse.

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July 31, 2014

Illegitimate Bachelor



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Bedding The Baron

Illegitimate Bachelor, Book 1

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