Some Like It Wicked

Book 1 in Hellion's Den

A canny, successful businesswoman, Miss Jane Middleton goes to London in search of a husband — only to find herself virtually ignored by the ton. When she overhears the notorious rake “Hellion” Caulfield admit he is in dire straits, Jane concocts a daring business proposition: she’ll pay Hellion to strike up a flirtation with her, thus bringing her to Society’s notice, and attracting eligible gentlemen. The last thing she expects to find is that a deliciously skilful seduction is part of the package…

Handsome and charming, the undisputed toast of the ton, Hellion has easily eluded the marriage trap for years. All the while warming the beds of countless attractive and willing women. But when Jane burst into his life with her outrageous scheme, her provocative figure, and a pair of captivating blue eyes, Hellion is stunned to realise that his jaded interest is piqued — and his desire ignited. In fact, his pursuit of her feels all too real. Is it possible that the ultimate bachelor has finally found his match between the sheets — and beyond?

Genre: Historical

Series: Hellion's Den, Book 1

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March 6, 2014

Hellion's Den



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Some Like It Wicked

Hellion's Den, Book 1

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