My Lord Vampire

Book 1 in Immortal Rogues

* Please note this is a reprint from the 2003 Historical
Vampire Series written as Deborah Raleigh

In the first of a mesmerizing trilogy, Alexandra Ivy,
author of the Guardians of Eternity series, introduces the Immortal Rogues—three vampires duty-bound to protect their own kind even as they fall prey to mortal desires.

Centuries have passed since Gideon Ravel dwelled among humans. Now he must infiltrate the cream of London society to earn the trust of one woman. Simone, Lady Gilbert, possesses an amulet of unimaginable power, and no concept of the threat that surrounds her. The ton’s gossip prepared him for her beauty and wit. But he is blindsided by her barely disguised sensuality and his growing need to possess her.

None of the idle aristocrats who vie for Simone’s attentions know about her past. To them, she is the sophisticated, worldly widow known as the “Wicked Temptress.” The truth would ruin her, and she has never been tempted to reveal it until now. Yet beneath Gideon’s bold, black-eyed stare is a hunger that demands satisfaction and complete surrender…and a secret far more dangerous than her own.

Genre: ParanormalHistorical

Series: Immortal Rogues, Book 1

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February 28, 2012

Immortal Rogues



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My Lord Vampire

Immortal Rogues, Book 1

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