Some Like It Brazen

She was the toast of London society. He was its scorn. Together they would find a passion like no other in this breathtaking tale of forbidden desire…

Born a lowly gentleman farmer, Edward Sinclair is thrust into
the role of the Earl of Harrington when a distant relative dies.
A more unlikely nobleman there has never been. For Edward’s stark masculinity and brute strength set him apart and earn
him the demeaning title of the Peasant Earl.

A spoiled heiress, Lady Bianca is known as the Ice Princess
for toying with the affections of her suitors. But she has fallen for the one man her father, the Duke, won’t let her marry: a rogue with no fortune to call his own. When another man, the Peasant Earl, arrives in London with an even worse reputation, Bianca is ready to exact her revenge.

Only Edward sees through the raven-haired beauty’s silly flirtations’ straight into her heart.
What starts out as just a game, turns into a dangerous contest of wills, one that will require nothing less than complete surrender…

Genre: Historical

Series: Hellion's Den Series, Book 3

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May 29, 2014

Hellion's Den Series



Not currently available in print.