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Some Like It Sinful

A penniless rake with a penchant for gambling, Rutherford Hawksley has friends in places both high and low – essential to his search for his brother’s murder. Ruthless in his quest, Rutherford discovers a nobleman who he suspects is trying to kill a woman travelling to London. A woman with information Hawksley would very much like to know. But his simple plan of abduction goes awry when he plucks the not-so-simple Miss Clara Dawson from her coach. Hawksley is used to his startling blue eyes charming ladies into submission, yet Clara’s spirit
and intelligence prove quite the match for him. And soon he
can think of nothing more pleasurable than keeping this rare bird in his not-so-gilded cage, where he can pick her intriguing
mind, enjoy her exquisite body-and teach her more about desire
than she ever dreamed possible.

Genre: Historical

Series: Hellion's Den Series, Book 2

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April 3, 2014

Hellion's Den Series



Not currently available in print.